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David Rosenberg

Realms of Adventure
Realms of Adventure is a LARP established in 2003 based in Sparta, NJ. We strive to provide a completely unique, high-quality, and fully immersive experience during our gaming weekends. Realms of Adventure takes place in a high-fantasy, high-magic setting. The game provides an intricate, though easy to understand, rules-system that is suitable for any level of experience in LARPing. Over the course of a weekend you’ll be treated to boffer-style combat, an interactive magic system, and deep and engaging plot-lines and NPCs. All of this action takes place on a privately rented fully-sized campground closed to the public.

When creating a character, you have a choice of over 14 races. These choices include fantasy staples such as Elves, Dwarves, and Pixies, as well as races unique to the game such as the reptilian Agorians or cat-like Kelonians. Beyond high-fantasy races, you also have a choice of over a dozen different human cultures. You will further be able to pick from 9 unique character classes including Mage, Rogue, and Monk. We hope you’ll join us so that you may delve into our robust system including over a hundred different skills and hundreds of spells. Beyond that, we hope you’ll join us in bringing your character to life.

We at Realms of Adventure thank you for your interest, and hope you’ll join us in the years to come. Live the Adventure!

Join us as www.realmsofadventure.net